Rezo is a high level cleric of St. Cuthbert. He cherishes life above all else but prepares a few attack spells just in case. Rezo has been blind since birth but seems to have a sixth sense to make up for it. He is also considered Exalted Good by his allies and been know to use his Stigmata to help the injured and diseased.
Rezo "The wise" "The Red Priest"
Little is known about this young man. Other then he seems to join many parties for a short time. He has also gone by the name yendrenn.
Yuki Maru
Yuki is known to be a shadow mage who defeated the Emperor's son sacrificing himself for the cause. It is unknown weather this triggered Emperor Iuz to be brought back to life or not.
Fredric Lumbret
A young mage who is sometime heard chanting in a strange variation of Draconic.

Knowledge Nobility
25- He is believed to be of noble desent of the Yeomanry area.
30- It is said he was killed by the Elemental mage in Kester.

Bardic Knowledge
30- A etheral doppelganger is currently maskerading as him.
35- He was killed by the Elemental mage in Kester. But a etheral dopperganger called Scrumps uses his form and abilities from time to time.
Hand of the Risen
Known only as the Hand of the Risen, He is the herald of the new god Iomedae. He has been seen many times on the material plane rooting out demons and other evil doers spreading the word of his god.

Knowledge religion
20- Once a powerful angel of Heironous, known as Hand of Vengance.
A dark armored warrior. This man is usually avoided in cities he travels though.

Know nobility
20 Fairson was once a nobel's son in the Wild Coast.
25 He was knighted into the Emperor's army
30 Fairson's soon to be wife tryed to assassinate him for unknown reasons.

Know Religion
10 His armor is the vile evil armor known as "the dread emperor armor"
Drake is a two weapon fighter who has seen many battles. Some have even said they have seen him at two places at once.
Reaper/ Death
The newest god. The harbringer of death. he is said to be the creation of greater gods. created to kill any who use resurrection magic.
Said to be a sacred prostitute, with holy powers. Having sex with her not only heals and inviguates her partners, it can also let her see their future and even let them talk to there gods.
A female paladin of ? who partied with Edius, Ester, and Autumn. She had a random one night stand with Fairson and then stalked him afterwards until his fiance was resurrected. It is then believed she killed him to get the Heavens Blade that Emperor Iuz offered in exchange for his head. She was then leading the Hobgoblin armies to the south. Until Mindy killed her and became a Heavons Blade.
Master of Masks
Little is known of this Man. other then he is often seen wearing a mask. His mask is known to change from time to time.
This master Vampire has been around for a long time. He is rumored to be reformed.

Know religion
10 He is a servant of pelor
25 He saved pelor during a time of great need
40 He is currently the Avatar of Pelor and is very powerful. Maybe even more powerful then the god himself at this time.
Is a powerful shadow Dancer who was helped by Edius and Ester. She now works for Lucian as thats who Edius told her to help.
An anti-mage fighter under Lucian.
Jason "The transporter"
Jason is a transportation specialized. Anything from teleportation to planar travels is his vortia. Once the personal teleporter for the Emperor Iuz.
Other then his outgoing personality not much is known about him.