-10000 the dragons teach the Feidren elves high magic

-5000 the last of the true dragons die

-1000 Humans first start showing up

-500 The Feidren Elves come over the mountains from the west and begin to conquer all of Flanaess. They take all of the races under their wings and teach them many things but force them to work for them as repayment. This "slavery" lasts 500 years

-50 The war between the 5 Feidren Tribes began

-10 the war between the Feidren Tribes end. The Humans begin war with the remaining weakened Feidren

-8 Orcs join the war against the Feidren

-6 Dwarves join the war. Kord single handedly defeats an army lead by Gritzir, he then ascended into godhood

-5 Goblins join the war

-4 The Feidren using ancient magic transform a human into a six armed war machine which they send out against he human army, his brother Heirounis fights him. The fight ends wit them both landing killing blows to each other.

-3 The lesser elves join the war against the Feidren

-2 Iuz leads an assault verse an Feidren stronghold which turns the war in heavy favor of the humans

CY1 Humans win there freedom from the Feidren Elves        

CY 5 Pelor defeats a large group of over 100 undead that were heading to attack Knurl; he then ascends to god hood.

CY 20 Iuz defeats the demon at the top of the "". Future Queen Ahlissa is born

CY 30 The Empire of Iuz is formed and Iuz is made Emperor

CY 35 A Paladin named Amanda fights the Demon Lord Gorgen she traps them both in a pillar of silver flame. The church of the Silver Flame was later built at this location.

CY 48 The King of Nyrond dies and the kingdom is split into sections to stop his four sons from warring

CY 50 Iuz begins expanding his empire, The Empire Wars begin.

CY 51 Kingdom of Nyrond  volunteers to join Iuz, The United Kingdom of Ahlissa surrenders. Iuz and Ahlissa are married.

CY 53 Queen Ahlissa passes away after giving birth to only one child.

CY 56 Sea princes join the Empire under the condition that they get large portion of the land to rule over.

CY 60 The Empire of Iuz finally takes Zief ending his campaign to organize Flanaess under one rule.

CY 97 Iuz throws a huge celebration for his sons 45th birthday; he has this day made into an empyrean holiday and every year after, every city in the empire his a three day celebration including free food and entertainment paid for by the empire

CY 100 A shadow creature that is believed to be a Demi-god is released. Half a year later this beast kills Emperor Iuz. Jaffery son of the emperor takes the throne.

CY 101 Jaffery is killed reportedly by a man named Yuki Mora. Emperor Iuz later resurrects himself.

CY 103 Mindy ? becomes a Heavens Blade Receiver , later that year she wins a tournament and ? who she was championing for becomes engaged to the Emperor.

CY 104 Mindy Storms greyhawk and kills Emperor Iuz. She forms a councel of 13 to rule over the country and disappears.

CY 105 The Empire is a war amoungst the different kingdoms.Lucian currently leading the side that calls itself the Empire and a man named Tim leading the Rebels.
The prayers of the gods Correleon, Fharlanghn, vecna go unanswered and their clerics lose their powers.

World History
CY -Current year
Note all history marked here is common believed history